andrew bastin


Hoppscotch is an open source, browser based, beautiful API request builder. It is a Vue app. It supports REST, Realtime (WebSockets, SSE, Socket.IO) and GraphQL (which is something I introduced and act as the lead on) APIs. I currently help around the project as the Chief Technology Officer for it. I also develop and maintain the official Chrome and Firefox extensions for Hoppscotch.


Ebb is a mental health app built in about 2 days for FOSSHack 2020 of which we were one of the winners! The app is written in NuxtJS and the source code is available in GitHub.


COVIDgo is my (as a team along with 3 others) to Hack The North 2020++. The app lets you calculate how risky your next travel to a city is during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The app features a Nuxt frontend along with a Python backend.

Auto Plus Services

Auto Plus Services is one of the leading automobile accessories and services provider in Ernakulam, Kerala, India. The site is built using jQuery and Bootstrap.

Mind It!!

Mind It!! is a simple memory game written over the course of an afternoon, co-written with Surhud Bhagali. It is a simple Vue app. The source code is available in GitHub.