andrew bastin

Hello there! 👋

About me, well, I am currently residing in the city of Kochi 🇮🇳 (also ocassionally in Toronto 🇨🇦). I am currently working as and mostly known for being the Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at Hoppscotch, where I am trying to build (with my amazing team 🫂) an amazing open source API development ecosystem.

A self-taught programmer who wrote his first "Hello World" programs when he was 11 years old. I like a fun challenge and imagining software architectures that scale and solve important problems. Although I write JavaScript and TypeScript for a living, I am a Rustacean 🦀 and do write some fun side projects in it.

Talking about stuff not related to programming, I am a proponent for simplicity and minimalism and beautiful typography. I do listen to a ton of music, my tastes suck and change rapidly, hence not listing here in fear of getting judged 😅.