andrew bastin

Hello there!

About me, well, I am currently residing in the city of Thunder Bay, Canada studying at Lakehead University as a Computer Science undergrad. I also help running Google Developer Group chapter in Thunder Bay.

I am a self-taught programmer who started writing his "Hello World" programs when I was 11 years old. I currently help around at Hoppscotch as a Lead Developer for the project. Although I mostly work on web based projects (fullstack), I have solid grasp and experience working on various technologies from mobile app development to native systems programming. Although, desigining efficient and effective software architecture is what I excel at.

Talking about stuff not related to programming, I am a proponent for simplicity and minimalism and beautiful typography. I listen to music, my tastes suck and change rapidly, hence not listing. I am a big fan of Rick and Morty (wubba lubba dubb dubb XD) and animation in general, but I am a big fan of any beautiful story.